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Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training Program


The following titles, listed below, are links to the separate sections and chapters in the book ‘The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong’ training program, in the order that they appear. It begins with An Introduction To Qigong, which is an overview of 50+ pages. Each following chapter is one specific practice to study and learn. Together they make up the whole program. This is so that people can print, study and practice each part in a developmental sequence.

Or the complete book is presented at the end, under the title The Whole Program, and can be downloaded at once.

Each of the practices also has a free audio track, which can be followed as if you are sitting in a class. Indeed, some of them were recorded in the classroom. Click on the link on this page and you are sent to a page which asks for your email address. Filling in your address and clicking on it results in an email sent to you with a link in it to download the audio. This is then downloaded as a ‘Zip’ file, which can be opened and played. There is no cost involved, and your email information with be secure. You can go through each audio track as you get to that practice, or you can download them all at the same time, in which case you will have them in your audio library.

At the end of this page is an additional audio entitled The 5 Stages. This combines all of the practices, so that you learn to progressively do them together in a complete developmental sequence. It then focuses on the Master and Coupled points, and ends with a complete M&C practice, activating everything learned so far, that you can do in 5 minutes.

This can be practically applied in all kinds of situations where you do not have a lot of preparation time – going to a business appointment, an interview, meeting somebody for the first time, presenting a talk or speech, quietening down after a busy day… While obviously not going as deep as a full one-hour or more practice, this quick and easy sequence can be performed anywhere you can get 5 minutes alone to yourself – in a car, on a bench, a quiet corner… It is like turning the light up on a dimmer switch, or the volume on an amplifier. If you download it I think you will find it useful in all kinds of situations.

So I hope that you find the book and the audios to be helpful in learning about your energy system, and cultivating your Qi. I would be pleased to hear any comments you may have.

Good Wishes,




This is an overview of what Qigong is, and how it works. It is the condensed essence of Jim’s three books on Qigong. It contains the essential information needed to understand your own energy system, and how to do the practices.
Click AN INTRODUCTION TO QIGONG  to download the FREE printable version of ‘An Introduction to Qigong’.



An Introduction and Overview to the Eight Extraordinary Meridians Qigong Training Program.
Click Preface to the Eight Extraordinary Meridians  to download this FREE printable ‘Preface to The Eight Extraordinary Meridians’.

Smile at yourself sending your own warm, gentle, loving energy to relax internally and prepare for further practice.
Click SMILE AT YOURSELF  to download the FREE printable version of Smile at Yourself.



Create an eight-sided ‘Ba Gua’ around your navel, to concentrate your Qi/Energy, and store it there.
Click FOCUS AT YOUR CENTER  to download the FREE printable version of Focus at Your Center.



Use sound to discharge stagnant energy, and refresh your organs/officials.
Click THE SIX HEALING SOUNDS  to download the FREE printable version of The Six Healing Sounds.



Clean negative emotions out of the organs, and refresh your sense organs.
Click CLEANSING THE EMOTIONS  to download the FREE printable version of Cleansing the Emotions.



Cultivate the virtues of Gentleness, Kindness, Honor and Respect, Fairness and Righteousness in the yin organs and generate Goodness.
Click CULTIVATING THE VIRTUES  to download the FREE printable version of Cultivating the Virtues.



Activate and circulate your energy in two of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians – the Governor Meridian and the Conception Meridian.
Click THE MICROCOSMIC ORBIT  to download the FREE printable version of The Microcosmic Orbit



Activate and strengthen the field around your body to smooth, repair, balance and equalize your protective personal energy envelope.
Click THE BELT CHANNEL  to download the FREE printable version of The Belt Channel.



Open the central core channel so that it is even, balanced and equalized. Open your personal yin-yang polarity, and cascade your Qi/Energy around you.
Click THE THRUSTING CHANNEL  to download the FREE printable version of The Thrusting Channel.



Open and activate the channels that extend into the extremities of the arms and legs, to turn on the complete system so that it functions as one integrated whole.
Click THE MACROCOSMIC ORBIT  to download the FREE printable version of The Macrocosmic Orbit.



Learn the four sets of Master and Couple Points to turn the whole Eight Extraordinary Meridians on in a quick and immediate way and gain instant access to your Qi/Energy.
Click THE MASTER & COUPLED POINTS  to download the FREE printable version of The Master & Coupled Points.



Activate your Qi Field around your body so that you can draw external energy in to you and borrow the energy of Heaven and Earth when you need to plug yourself in to the Universe.
Click DRAWING IN HEAVEN AND EARTH  to download the FREE version of Drawing in Heaven and Earth.



Understand the relationship between your energy system and your sexuality which allows you to convert the power and drive of sex/Jing into cultivating your spirit/Shen.
Click SEXUAL QIGONG to download the FREE printable version of Sexual Qigong.



The complete Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training Program.
Click THE WHOLE PROGRAM to download the FREE printable document. This program is also available in a Greek pdf, here The Complete Eight Extraordinary Meridians Training Program - in Greek

This book consists of two parts:

Part I is an Introduction to Qigong, which is the condensed essence of three books that I wrote on the topic.

Part II is a ‘Practice Instruction Guide’ to a 9-month Training Program that I have developed and refined since 1983.

At the end is a review ( Book Review of Qigong Fever ) of a book called ‘Qigong Fever’, which tells what actually happened in China over the last 60 years – for those interested.

The whole book file is very small, 4.5 megabyte in size, but contains a 186 page document, with many illustrations, charts and diagrams, which take you step-by-step through these most valuable practices. And once you have it, it is yours, and you can easily send it to whomever you want.


THE 5 STAGES – Full Practice

This is a set of 5 practices which are the combined summary of the previous separate practices. They accumulate in using the Master and Couple Points, and finally using these points in a 5 minute version with your mind alone. This is like turning up the volume on an amplifier or a dimmer on a light switch – to turn you ON and UP !!!

Please note that this is a larger file and will take extra time to download.


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Practice Well !