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James MacRitchie


The Personal Energy Centre,

26 Hope Street,

Liverpool L1 9BX,

Merseyside, England, UK.

Tel: UK 44 (0)7913208959

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There are two versions of Jim’s biography, the short version, presented here, gives a quick general outline:

James MacRitchie, B.Ac.(UK), Lic.Ac.(CO), has practised Classical Acupuncture since 1977. Originally from Liverpool, England, Jim lived in London, then in 1981 moved to Boulder, Colorado, USA. He met his first Qigong teachers, and began to develop ‘Qigong Acupuncture’ (sm). He was Co-Director of The Evolving Institute (1982-88) and The Body-Energy Center (1989-2007). Jim was Founding President of The Acupuncture Association of Colorado, and of The National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association USA. He has trained in China, presented and taught his work internationally, and has written a trilogy of books on Chi Kung for major publishers. In May 2013 he returned to his home town of Liverpool, where he now runs The Personal Energy Centre and The Qigong School.

His new book –

‘The Adventures of an Acupuncturer : A Clinical Autobiography of Qigong Acupuncture’

– is available here free, just click and it will download: Qigong-Acupuncture.pdf .


A longer version of Jim’s story of Discovering Chi, which you may find of interest, can be found via this link.